Irish Masonic Charities

“if we can help somebody …………..”

Helping to relieve poverty and distress amongst Brethren and their families is one of the ‘foundation stones’ on which Irish Freemasonry is built. Unfortunately in this new millennium it is still necessary for this work to continue. However in recent years, due to increased generosity of Irish Freemasons, the ‘charitable work’ we engage in has been extended. The various charity committees within our Order now actively assist several very worthy ‘non masonic’ causes thus allowing Society as a whole to benefit from
“the labours of Irish Freemasons”

Freemasonry is well known for the support and financial assistance it provides, not only to its membership, but also to a wide range of non Masonic charities. Medical projects, Hospices, community minibuses, accommodation for those in need, and educational bursaries, are just some of our long established and ongoing beneficiaries.

Within the Irish Constitution there are a considerable number of Masonic Charities directed towards the assistance of distressed Brethren, their Widows and Families. Just some of these are:

Belfast Masonic Charity Fund
115 The Mount. Belfast. BT5 4ND
Tel: 02890 451020
Charity No. XN45446
The committee meets on the last Friday of each month (excepting June, July, August, December) at 7:30 p.m.

For the relief of poor and distressed masons or their families. No matter were they live, Brethren of every Masonic Lodge in the Province of Antrim, and Brethren whose Lodge is in the Masonic Province of Down, and meets within a six mile radius of Belfast, are eligible to seek assistance from the BMCF via their Lodge Almoner, immediately they receive their first degree.
The fund works on the principal of the persons definable income, that is: wages, mortgage, rates etc, and any social security benefits they may receive.

The fund is renowned for its quick response to needy Brethren or their families and in addition to the regular monthly meetings in cases of emergency , financial assistance can often be issued within 48 hours.

The fund is the oldest existing Masonic Charity under the Irish Constitution of Freemasonry.

The Victoria Jubilee Masonic Benevolent Fund
This fund which was established in 1887, provides Annuities for distressed Freemasons and their spouses from all parts of the Irish Constitution. 842 Annuitants received assistance during 1998.

For further information, contact the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The Masonic Welfare Fund
A fund established in 1995 to relieve cases of poverty, hardship, sickness and distress among Freemasons, their wives, widows, children and other dependants who may not be eligible under the criteria of other schemes.

Its objectives include furthering the education of such persons by awarding scholarships, maintenance allowances, outfits, clothing, tools etc. to assist entry into a trade, profession or service, or to set up business.

This fund is able to offer assistance to other Charities as approved by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, whether or not they are connected with the Fraternity of Freemasons.

Freemasons who become Patrons of this fund, receive an approved Masonic Medal and Certificate signed by the Grand Master and Chairman.

For further information becoming a Patron, contact the Grand Lodge of Ireland.